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Whatever your situation, Total Freedom is about setting you free and giving you new confidence to enjoy, laugh and lead the happy life you deserve. Why Total Freedom?

Dental Implants in Phoenix: Welcome to a Better Way To Live

Imagine smiling freely, not thinking twice about dinner with friends, and being able to eat what you want. As someone considering dental implants in Scottsdale or Phoenix, you know what it’s like to live a life of compromise. Your missing or failing teeth mean that worry, embarrassment and pain are your companions. We’re here to help you change that. Total Freedom Dental Implant patients can tell you, they love their full, strong, natural looking teeth and can’t get over the difference in their lives. Some say they even look younger.


Actual Total Freedom Patient

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Placing bone grafts can often extend treatment time by several months and increase cost by thousands of dollars, this may also inconvenience the patient by making it impossible to have teeth present while the graft heals.

At TFDI, we use techniques that can frequently mitigate or completely eliminate the need for grafts. Dental Implants have been used routinely in dentistry for over twenty years, with an extremely high level of success.  The surgeon of TFDI, for instance, has been placing implants for over 30 years.  Most dentists however, after a few years of practice and placement of a few hundred implants, can begin to approach expert status in uncomplicated cases.  When a case is complicated by inadequate bone, inexperienced Doctors often tell the patient that implant placement is not possible, or that a bone grafting procedure will be required.

Why Total Freedom? Total Freedom is a custom solution and one of the most well recognized dental implant providers in Scottsdale and Phoenix. We’re about providing the treatment that best fits you. That could mean a full set of new teeth. It could mean fewer implants than you anticipated. It could mean you don’t require any implants at all. When we can save the teeth you have, that’s what we recommend.

Whatever your situation, Total Freedom is about setting you free and giving you new confidence to enjoy, laugh and lead the happy life you deserve.

Since the Total Freedom specialists are all under one roof, you typically have your new teeth in one day. Of course, there will be pre- and post-procedure appointments. Total Freedom is also here for you as long as you like. We’re prepared to help care for you and your new teeth in the years to come.

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center is about your confidence restored.

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