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Treatment Costs


Total Freedom Dental Implant Center

 “Premium Quality Implant Dentistry at a Sensible Price”

      Total freedom Dental Implant Center is not a discount dental office. We offer only state of the art premium quality parts, products and procedures. Not only is our denture lab the premier lab in Phoenix, but our crown and bridge lab is also considered the best in Phoenix and is one of only thirty labs certified by The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry throughout the USA. The experience of the dentist and surgeon and the quality of the dental lab are the most important factors when comparison shopping for cost.

                                                 SINGLE IMPLANT

Anterior (teeth located in front of mouth)-         3999.00

Posterior(teeth located in back of mouth)-         3799.00        



Treatment plan

 2 Implant supported Overdenture (snap on)                            $7,500.00


4 Implant Supported Overdenture with palate(snap on)       $13,500.00


4 Implant Supported Overdenture no palate(snap on)          $15,500.00


These implant prosthesis are designed so they can easily be converted into a fixed hybrid bridge.


FIXED HYBRID BRIDGE (Immediate replacement teeth)

     “Teeth in One Day” and “like Teeth in One Day” Treatment Plans

4-6 Implant supported hybrid bridge                                    $22,500.00 per arch

-Bridge can be made as thin as possible

-easier to clean

-is an upgrade over final result from most implant centers


 The Fixed Zirconia Hybrid                                                   $27,500.00 per arch

A custom milled titanium bar supported by 5 or 6 implants with individual zirconia crowns or a 5-6 implant all zirconia hybrid.

*this price is for routine cases only if zygomatic implants are required additional fees will apply.


             Treatment plan    (No bone grafts required)

Zygomatic implants 

“Graftless solution” to the “no bone” problem for upper arch



Total Freedom Dental Implant Center will quote a single all inclusive fee for treatment. The above listed fees are bundled to calculate the total treatment cost which allows Total Freedom Dental Implant Center to charge less in comparison. Should the patient request the fee be unbundled for the purposes of a refund or any other purpose the unbundled fees will be 50% higher. *Insurance excluded.