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Graftless Dental Implant Service in Scottsdale & Phoenix

The TFDI Graft-Free Approach

These techniques are based upon the following:

  1. Use of a dental cat scan to visualize the bone in 3D before and during implant placement
  2. Bone is adapted by expansion
  3. Sections of bone can be separated and moved while remaining alive as long as the gum tissue remains attached

The term for these types of procedures is the osteoperiosteal flap, and includes ridge splitting and ridge expansion.  Although it requires special instrumentation and a good deal of clinical experience, the advantages to the patient are significant and include:

  1. Better quality bone at the implant site, compared to most bone grafts
  2. Eliminating a separate graft surgery
  3. Decrease in cost of the total implant procedure

Our Approach to Teeth-In-A-Day Protocol

The ‘teeth in a day’ protocol has been used for many years to satisfy patients who have lost or are losing their teeth.  However, this protocol cannot be followed when bone grafts are required, or when poor quality bone prevents a stable implant placement.  This results in an extended treatment time, increase cost and requires that the patient continue to wear a denture for several months.  In severe cases, it may require for patients to go completely without teeth for an extended period.

The TFDI Alternative for the Upper Jaw/Maxilla

We use “long implants” also known as zygomatic implants.  Typical dental implants are 8-15 mm long.  Zygomatic implants are up to 50 mm long which allows the implant to completely penetrate all remaining upper jaw bone; transverse the sinus and engage the zygomatic bone (cheek bone).  These implants are extremely stable and usually allow the teeth in a day protocol to be followed.   Zygomatic implants were developed over 30 years ago by the Father of Modern Implant Dentistry, Professor PI Branemark, and have a long record of success with minimal complications.

The TFDI Alternative for the Lower Jaw/Mandible

It is unusual that grafts are required for the teeth in a day protocol.  However, for those patients with inadequate bone  TFDI recommends the mandibular subperiosteal implant. Subperiosteal implants are a one piece framework that fit between the bone and gum tissue. Therefore, the volume of bone does not become an issue.

These implants have been in use longer than any type of current implant. Although the early subperiosteal implants had by today’s standards, an unacceptable complication rate, the current subperiosteal implants have a very high success rate and are an attractive alternative to bone grafts.

(TFDI does not use or recommend maxillary subperiosteal implants or partial subperiosteal implants of any type)