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Does the Brand of Implant Make a Difference?

The short answer is no, as long as the implant is made of titanium. Zirconia implants have been introduced to the market in a very limited way. The consensus is there is no appreciable advantage over titanium and there are significant disadvantages. At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center in Scottsdale, we use only titanium implants.

All titanium implants use either commercially pure titanium or a titanium alloy. There is no evidence that one is superior to the other. Likewise there is no evidence that any titanium implant is superior to another when it comes to success in achieving bone integration. So if all implants are equally successful why are there so many different brands?

The short answer is there is a lot of money to be made by implant companies. It only cost approximately $25 dollars to manufacture an implant. At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we pay anywhere from $85 to over $600 for each of the implants in our inventory. So you can see there is a great profit incentive in the business of making implants.

At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we use implants from four different companies. We have selected our implants based upon 35 years of placing implants. Depending on size and design, we use different implants for different applications. We prefer certain implants for replacing a single tooth, a different implant for a front tooth and another for a back tooth. We have implants we prefer for small bridges and cantilevers and implants we prefer when all teeth must be replaced. We also have a separate implant we use for “no bone” cases and occasionally we design a completely custom implant option for these extreme cases.

The bottom line is there is no single implant or brand that can satisfy every situation to our satisfaction. That is why at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center in Scottsdale, we stock several hundred implants so we can handle every single patients need, every single time.

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