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Cost of Dental Implants in Phoenix

With few exceptions, the cost of a dental implant treatment is either too little or too much. The savvy consumer realizes that when a commodity is priced far below established market values the quality, durability or authenticity is suspect.

  • In other words – You don’t get what you won’t pay for.

The same savvy consumer also knows that when a commodity is priced well above market values it is wise to determine whether or not the price increase reflects any real improvement in quality.

  • In other words – You don’t always get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, comparison shopping for dental implant treatments is difficult because there are several options for every case, each with a different cost.

  •  In other words – There are many ways to bake a cake.

The following analysis is of the cost for a single tooth supported by an implant may be helpful for patients:

  • Typically there are three separate costs involved: the cost for the implant, the cost for the abutment and the cost for the crown. There is no meaningful difference between dental implants, so any cost difference should be reflected in the experience of the dentist not the brand of the implant. The abutment-crown is a different matter altogether; here the experience of the dentist is not an issue but rather the quality of the abutment-crown. For example, dentists typically pay between $200 and $600 for the abutment and crown depending upon the quality the dentist chooses. This cost is multiplied by a profit factor to arrive at the final fee. So you can see that a $1,400.00 implant crown that cost $200.00 (a factor of 7) to make is not the bargain that a $1,800.00 implant crown that costs $600 to make(a factor of 3). If you are paying much more than $2,000.00 for an abutment and crown, you had better really like your dentist because it’s only his personality you’re paying for above $2k. This same analysis holds true for more complex treatments except the fee difference can be measured by thousands of dollars not hundreds. So the message to the wise consumer is to comparison shop.

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center invites you to comparison shop with us. We offer complimentary exams, consultation and X-rays and we are available for phone consultations.

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