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Getting Dental Implant Surgery in Scottsdale

Surgery is always a scary word and when you add the fact that it is dental surgery, there are a lot of people that will just say, not me! Except when dental implant surgery in Scottsdale maybe the best way to predictably replace missing teeth. Implants have a much better lifetime success rate compared to traditional dental alternatives which translates into less cost over time. Therefore patients will often be reluctantly willing to tolerate dental implant surgery.

However, this is not actually the case because at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center our patients tell us that dental implant surgery is less uncomfortable than traditional dentistry. In fact we tell our patients that they may resume normal daily activities including eating and work the same day their implant surgery is completed. Of course for more extensive dental implant surgery or for those patients that simply have a high fear level Total Freedom offers sedation dentistry.

So, schedule a free consultation including x-rays at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center today.

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