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The Truth About Corporate Dentistry

When selecting a Scottsdale or Phoenix Dental Implant dentist there are many factors to consider but at the top of the list is choosing where to have the procedure done. Obviously, you want to find an expert in placing dental implants but more importantly you need someone who will consider all of the options, not just dental implants, to replace missing or damaged teeth.

Recently, there has been a disturbing increase in the number of national dental implant chains advertising that “all we do is dental implants”. Just like the maintenance man whose only tool is a hammer so every repair involves a nail – to the implant center whose only treatment is an implant every solution requires implant, and this is simply wrong and bad dentistry to boot. Patients need to find an implant center that will provide all treatment options, not just dental implants. This is what Total Freedom Dental is all about, helping the patient decide on the best treatment for them not the best treatment for the implant center.

When considering dental implants the cost is an important factor. You may think that the national implant chain will offer cheaper rates, however this is far from the case.  Supporting a large corporate structure and running national television ads are expensive, so they pass the costs along to you. In fact, while these national chains usually provide high quality treatment, the price is at a premium. On the other hand at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center we offer the highest quality service and treatment at a price that looks steeply discounted in comparison to the national chains.

Total Freedom is a custom solution and one of the most well recognized Scottsdale and Phoenix dental implant dentists. We will provide you with customized, quality care that you can trust.

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