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Treatment Costs

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center

“The Leader in Innovative Implant Dentistry”

      Total freedom Dental Implant Center is well aware that cost is the number one reason patients are unable to proceed with treatment. Therefore we are continually evaluating new and innovative ways to improve treatment and reduce cost while still offering only state of the art premium quality parts, products and procedures. The experience of the dentist and surgeon and the quality of the dental lab are the most important factors when comparison shopping for cost. We are confident that no other implant center can offer the unique combination of experience and technology we have assembled at Total Freedom Dental.



Compare our process to all other implant centers that advertise “Teeth in a Day.” They require 6-12 months, 10 or more appointments and 20 hours of your time to complete treatment. We are able to do it the traditional old school way but now we have a better way.

Because of this efficiency, we not only save you time but we also save you money. We are offering this service for $18,500 per arch compared to the others charging $23,000 or more.

The appointments are as follows: Day one: Initial records  Day two: Implant placement   Day Three: Deliver your new final set of teeth


                                                 SINGLE IMPLANT

Anterior (teeth located in front of mouth)-         3999.00

Posterior(teeth located in back of mouth)-         3799.00        




 2 Implant supported Overdenture (snap on)                            $7,500.00                                           

4 Implant Supported Overdenture with palate(snap on)   $13,500.00                                                                   

4 Implant Supported Overdenture no palate(snap on)          $15,500.00                                                              

These implant prosthesis (Overdentures) are designed so they can easily be converted into a fixed hybrid bridge.


FIXED  HYBRID BRIDGE (Immediate replacement teeth)

  5-6 Implant supported hybrid bridge                                   $22,500.00 per arch*

-Bridge can be made as thin as possible

-Easier to clean

-Is an upgrade over final result from most implant centers


 The Fixed Zirconia Hybrid                                                   $27,500.00 per arch

-A custom milled Zirconia set of teeth with 5+ implants

-Stronger and more durable than the acrylic option

-Non-porous, so they do not stain and are easy to clean


*this price is for routine cases only if zygomatic implants are required additional fees will apply.


Zygomatic implants    (No bone grafts required)                 $28,000-$30,000    

“Graftless solution” to the “no bone” problem for upper jaw

Many patients are told by their dentist that they don’t have enough bone for implants in the upper jaw. People often give up at that point.

Zygomatic implants can provide a secure foundation for your dental implants while traditional dental implants may not be possible


Subperiosteal Implants_______________________    $28,000

“Graftless solution” to the “no bone” problem for lower jaw

This type of implant is used most often to cover a large surface area, such as a completely edentulous (toothless) lower jaw where there has been a severe amount of bone resorption and not enough bone to support  standard implants.

Subperiosteal implants are a one piece framework that fit between the bone and gum tissue. Therefore, the volume of bone does not become an issue.


Total Freedom Dental Implant Center will quote a single all inclusive fee for treatment. The above listed fees are bundled to calculate the total treatment cost which allows Total Freedom Dental Implant Center to charge less in comparison. Should the patient request the fee be unbundled for the purposes of a refund or any other purpose the unbundled fees will be 50% higher. *Insurance excluded.