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Does the Brand of Implant Make a Difference?

The short answer is no, as long as the implant is made of titanium. Zirconia implants have been introduced to the market in a very limited way. The consensus is there is no appreciable advantage over titanium and there are significant disadvantages. At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center in Scottsdale, we use only titanium implants.

All titanium implants use either commercially pure titanium or a titanium alloy. There is no evidence that one is superior to the other. Likewise there is no evidence that any titanium implant is superior to another when it comes to success in achieving bone integration. So if all implants are equally successful why are there so many different brands?

The short answer is there is a lot of money to be made by implant companies. It only cost approximately $25 dollars to manufacture an implant. At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we pay anywhere from $85 to over $600 for each of the implants in our inventory. So you can see there is a great profit incentive in the business of making implants.

At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we use implants from four different companies. We have selected our implants based upon 35 years of placing implants. Depending on size and design, we use different implants for different applications. We prefer certain implants for replacing a single tooth, a different implant for a front tooth and another for a back tooth. We have implants we prefer for small bridges and cantilevers and implants we prefer when all teeth must be replaced. We also have a separate implant we use for “no bone” cases and occasionally we design a completely custom implant option for these extreme cases.

The bottom line is there is no single implant or brand that can satisfy every situation to our satisfaction. That is why at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center in Scottsdale, we stock several hundred implants so we can handle every single patients need, every single time.

We offer a free 3D cone beam cat scan and consultation for anyone considering dental implants. Call us at 480-860-9002 or visit our website at

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Welcome Joe Abadsantos

Total Freedom is proud to welcome Joe Abadsantos to our team. Joe’s expertise is in the digital design and fabrication. He is an exceptional talent and embodies Total Freedoms commitment to excellence.

Total Freedom is now the only Arizona Center where every single step in the implant process can be completed in house under direct doctor supervision. This has been accomplished by investing in the 5 axis milling machines, design software and most importantly the operating technicians.

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How to Find a Great Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona

How to Find a Great Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona

Everyone, including you, deserves to have a great smile.  The kind of small that lights up every room you walk into and fills you with self-confidence.   Most people who are self-conscious about their teeth think about going to a cosmetic dentist, but they never take that next step of looking for a cosmetic dentist Scottsdale office because they are afraid of pain, expenses or unexpected problems.  If that’s the way you feel too, it’s time to stop thinking about it and start looking for a professional and gentle dentist who can make you feel comfortable and give you the smile you’ve always wanted at a price that you can afford.

There are many different cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale offices, so the best place to start looking for the perfect one for your needs is prioritizing what’s important to you.  Is price a deal-breaker  Do you need a dentist who has a flexible schedule because you work long hours?  Are you willing to compromise on price and location to get guaranteed amazing results?  These are the types of question that only you can answer, and they are the key to finding a cosmetic dentist Scottsdale professional you can trust.  Since different people have different needs, knowing exactly what you are looking for can point you in the right direction.

Getting a referral from a friend who had a great experience with a specific cosmetic dentist Scottsdale office is another good way to get your search underway quickly.  Some dentists even offer referral clients discounts or other incentives like special services or free consultations.  Don’t panic if you can’t get a referral from someone you know.  You can still find a great cosmetic dentist Scottsdale service in your price range and close to your home.  Once you have a good idea of what type of things are important to you like location or working hours, you can start calling local cosmetic dentists for more information until you find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

When you contact different cosmetic dentist Scottsdale offices, it helps to have a list of questions in front of you to make sure that you don’t forget anything important.  You need to ask how long the dentist has been in practice, and in particular cosmetic dentistry practice.  It’s very important to find a qualified professional who has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and patient care.  If you are interested in getting a specific type of cosmetic dental work like implants or veneers, then you should look for dentists who specialize in that service.   Last, but of course not least, you need to ask about financing.  Depending on the type of service you want to get, your insurance carrier and your individual plan, your procedure may only be partially covered or not covered at all. Since cosmetic dental work is technically an elective procedure, some insurance plans will not cover it.

The good news is that many cosmetic dentists have additional financing options for qualified patients who can’t pay for their treatments upfront or by credit card.  Contact your dental insurance company first to find out what type of coverage they provide for cosmetic procedures.  If you think you might need financial help to cover your treatment, that’s something you should bring up when you contact different cosmetic dentist Scottsdale offices for information.  Lastly, pay attention to how you are treated on the phone and during your first consultation.  If you are like most people who are a little nervous about the idea of dental work, you need to find someone who can instantly put you at ease.  You should always feel comfortable and at ease in any medical office, including a dental office, and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

So… How to Find a Great Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona? Well, if your reading this You already have! Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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The Truth About Corporate Dentistry

When selecting a Scottsdale or Phoenix Dental Implant dentist there are many factors to consider but at the top of the list is choosing where to have the procedure done. Obviously, you want to find an expert in placing dental implants but more importantly you need someone who will consider all of the options, not just dental implants, to replace missing or damaged teeth.

Recently, there has been a disturbing increase in the number of national dental implant chains advertising that “all we do is dental implants”. Just like the maintenance man whose only tool is a hammer so every repair involves a nail – to the implant center whose only treatment is an implant every solution requires implant, and this is simply wrong and bad dentistry to boot. Patients need to find an implant center that will provide all treatment options, not just dental implants. This is what Total Freedom Dental is all about, helping the patient decide on the best treatment for them not the best treatment for the implant center.

When considering dental implants the cost is an important factor. You may think that the national implant chain will offer cheaper rates, however this is far from the case.  Supporting a large corporate structure and running national television ads are expensive, so they pass the costs along to you. In fact, while these national chains usually provide high quality treatment, the price is at a premium. On the other hand at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center we offer the highest quality service and treatment at a price that looks steeply discounted in comparison to the national chains.

Total Freedom is a custom solution and one of the most well recognized Scottsdale and Phoenix dental implant dentists. We will provide you with customized, quality care that you can trust.

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Get to know your Phoenix and Scottsdale Dental Implant Experts

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center is a locally owned and operated practice providing residents in Phoenix and Scottsdale dental implants for over 30 years. Together Dr. Sims and Dr. Kaiser offer over 50 years of experience in the Phoenix and Scottsdale dental implant field. The Doctors and their team provide excellent dental implant care to the citizens in the Valley of the Sun.

When considering dental implants you want a dentist who is specifically experienced in the dental implant field.

Dr. Thomas Sims, a third generation Arizonan, is a true asset to the dental community.  His 20 years of experience and continuing education ensures you receive top quality care. Dr. Sims insists on keeping up with all technological advances, and requires the latest equipment be used at Total Freedom.

Dr. Sims graduated from local Saguaro High School followed by Arizona State University. After spending two years volunteering in South Africa, he attended California’s Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Today, Dr. Sims lives in Scottsdale and spends his free time volunteering in the community, providing free dental work for underprivileged children and can occasionally be found relaxing at the lake.

Dr. Gerald Kaiser is a residency trained, board eligible periodontist from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  He attended college in his home town, graduating from Southeast Missouri State University.  He received his dental and periodontal specialty training from the University of Missouri.

In 1978 Dr. Kaiser relocated to Scottsdale, began his specialty practice limited to periodontics and surgical implant dentistry and placed the first of many thousand dental implants.

In his free time Dr. Kaiser focuses his time on competitive athletics.  He is a former triathlete and competitive cyclist holding both state and national championships. Dr. Kaiser continues to train daily, and has begun to focus on Olympic-style weight lifting.

As a locally owned and operated practice the professionals at Total Freedom Dental care deeply about our community. We believe in individualized treatment and care to fit the needs of each of our patients, which is why we offer a full range of Phoenix and Scottsdale dental implant services. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our dental implant specialists.

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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dental Implant Doctor

The use of dental implants to replace failing or missing teeth is becoming increasingly popular. There are many advantages to having dental implant surgery. However, as with any surgery you should take time to fully research the procedure and all of your treatment options as well as the doctor that will be treating you.

This comprehensive list of questions is designed to assist you in selecting the proper dental implant provider:


Are dental implants the right treatment for my problem?

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

How long has the dentist been placing implants?

What type of anesthesia will be used?

Do I have to go without teeth while healing?

What are the risks of the dental implant procedure?

What can I expect following in the hours and days following the implant surgery?

Will there be any maintenance required once I have my dental implants?

What happens if an implant fails or I need repairs?

What will be the total cost of my treatment?

How will my follow up care be handled?


It is import to get to know your dentist and surgeon to make sure that you are comfortable with them. Take your time to shop around until you find the clinic that is right for you and will provide exactly what you need.


Dr. Sims and Dr. Kaiser have worked in the Phoenix area, and have been placing implants  over 30 years. Contact Total Freedom for a consultation. Your path to a beautiful smile and strong naturally functioning teeth starts here.


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Getting Dental Implant Surgery in Scottsdale

Surgery is always a scary word and when you add the fact that it is dental surgery, there are a lot of people that will just say, not me! Except when dental implant surgery in Scottsdale maybe the best way to predictably replace missing teeth. Implants have a much better lifetime success rate compared to traditional dental alternatives which translates into less cost over time. Therefore patients will often be reluctantly willing to tolerate dental implant surgery.

However, this is not actually the case because at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center our patients tell us that dental implant surgery is less uncomfortable than traditional dentistry. In fact we tell our patients that they may resume normal daily activities including eating and work the same day their implant surgery is completed. Of course for more extensive dental implant surgery or for those patients that simply have a high fear level Total Freedom offers sedation dentistry.

So, schedule a free consultation including x-rays at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center today.

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Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant surgery in Scottsdale is not always a clear choice, especially when the implant center states that “all we do is dental implants”. So when the only treatment option a patient is going hear is a titanium dental implant it’s just like a carpenter who’s only tool is a hammer and so everything looks like a nail. Patients must realize that they are not shopping for titanium dental implants but what they are really shopping for is the best way to replace a missing tooth. And dental implants will not always be the best treatment or in the best interest of the patient.

Come to Total Freedom Dental Implant Center where our team of doctors each with over twenty years experience not only in implant dentistry but all types of dentistry can customize a treatment plan that not only fits your budget but more importantly fits what’s right for you.

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Cost of Dental Implants in Phoenix

With few exceptions, the cost of a dental implant treatment is either too little or too much. The savvy consumer realizes that when a commodity is priced far below established market values the quality, durability or authenticity is suspect.

  • In other words – You don’t get what you won’t pay for.

The same savvy consumer also knows that when a commodity is priced well above market values it is wise to determine whether or not the price increase reflects any real improvement in quality.

  • In other words – You don’t always get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, comparison shopping for dental implant treatments is difficult because there are several options for every case, each with a different cost.

  •  In other words – There are many ways to bake a cake.

The following analysis is of the cost for a single tooth supported by an implant may be helpful for patients:

  • Typically there are three separate costs involved: the cost for the implant, the cost for the abutment and the cost for the crown. There is no meaningful difference between dental implants, so any cost difference should be reflected in the experience of the dentist not the brand of the implant. The abutment-crown is a different matter altogether; here the experience of the dentist is not an issue but rather the quality of the abutment-crown. For example, dentists typically pay between $200 and $600 for the abutment and crown depending upon the quality the dentist chooses. This cost is multiplied by a profit factor to arrive at the final fee. So you can see that a $1,400.00 implant crown that cost $200.00 (a factor of 7) to make is not the bargain that a $1,800.00 implant crown that costs $600 to make(a factor of 3). If you are paying much more than $2,000.00 for an abutment and crown, you had better really like your dentist because it’s only his personality you’re paying for above $2k. This same analysis holds true for more complex treatments except the fee difference can be measured by thousands of dollars not hundreds. So the message to the wise consumer is to comparison shop.

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center invites you to comparison shop with us. We offer complimentary exams, consultation and X-rays and we are available for phone consultations.

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The Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants is a topic of considerable interests to patients faced with replacing a missing tooth or teeth. The pertinent consideration for a patient who finds themselves in this situation is to realize that she is not really in the market for an implant but rather is actually shopping for an artificial tooth or in dental terminology a fixed prosthetic restoration. This fixed prosthesis is can either be supported by teeth, known as a dental bridge, or supported by a dental implant(s).

In most every situation the implant restoration is a better choice, in comparison with a dental bridge for two primary reasons:

  1. The long term prognosis for the implant supported prosthesis is superior to a dental bridge.
  2. The implant prosthesis is is much more like a natural tooth than a dental bridge.

However in some dental offices there is a significant cost difference between a bridge and an implant which makes it difficult for the patient to choose the better one, which is the implant restoration. At TFDI our goal is to allow our patients the freedom to choose state of the art Implant treatment by keeping the cost as close as possible to the cost of a dental bridge. Although at TFDI we are perfectly able to provide the patient with the best dental bridge our profess ion can offer , we greatly prefer the implant restoration because the result is better, the patient is more satisfied and there are less maintenance headaches for us to deal with down the road.

How do we keep the cost down?

  1. Overhead Control
    TFDI was created by combining two large, successful and well esablished Scottsdale based dental and surgical practices. The result is that all services can be provided under one roof, therefore minimizing the overhead. This is different from the traditional dental model in which the implant is placed in a separate surgical practice and then restored in a separate dental practice. This approach doubles the overhead and requires that two separate profits be generated.
  2. Eliminating Superfluous Procedures
    One example of such unnecessary procedures is the “socket graft” which has become the fastest growing profit center in dentistry. The socket graft is a procedure in which the dentist places a bone graft into the socket after tooth extract ion anticipating that an implant will be placed later.At TFDI we have found that socket grafts are rarely beneficial. Eliminating such wasteful procedures saves patient time and money.
  3. Graftless Implants
    TFDI uses a wide variety of techniques which eliminate the need for bone grafts in the majority of cases. When grafting cannot be avoided TFDI uses only state of the art procedures at a fraction of the usual and customary fees.

At TFDI we can beat any written estimate by at least 5% and for national chains our fees are generally 10-20% less. Our consultations are always complimentary as are x-rays if needed.*

*TFDI requires a written estimate on office letterhead. Discounts are based upon TFDI perform ing substant ially the same service described in the estimate. TFDI reserves the right to refuse to perform any service not deemed to be in the patients best interest or which does not meet the standard of care TFDI insists upon.

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