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Why Experience Matters

Why Total Freedom?

Experience Matters. Why Total Freedom Should Be Your Choice For Implant Dentistry

Experience Matters!

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center believes we have assembled a truly exceptional team, one that is likely unsurpassed. For example our surgeon Dr. Gerald Kaiser began placing implants at the very beginning of the dental implant era. His experience is truly world class. Because of this experience we have firsthand knowledge of what works but more importantly what doesn’t.

Technology! Technology! Technology!

It has long been established there is no appreciable difference between the various dental implants when it comes to success. They are all made of titanium and heal the same way. Quality in implant dentistry is dependent only upon experience of the dentist and the design and manufacturing of the prosthetic components.

Technology is the key to quality. No other implant center can compare itself to the technology we have at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center. For example, the other implant centers point to the 3D cone beam as evidence of their advanced technology; nice, but hardly groundbreaking. All dentist placing dental implants use this technology; it’s considered the standard of care. These same centers also boast of having in house labs. Once again nice but hardly ground breaking because the rudimentary procedures these labs are capable of are not much different from the same procedures and materials your grandparents dentist used in making their dentures. These centers must outsource, losing control of the process, the sophisticated design and manufacturing to large central milling centers that offer the same generic product to dentist worldwide.

Compare this to Total Freedom’s Lab where we have invested in the design software, 5 axis milling machines and the technicians to operate them so we can actually manufacture a world class product completely in house. Unlike the others, every step in the process is performed by master technicians under doctor supervision.

More Choices!

Because we control the milling and design we are not limited to the standard materials such as titanium, denture acrylic and denture teeth. We can offer newer metal free materials such as PMMA. PMMA is polymethyl methacrylate which is used to fabricate dental restorations such as implants. Its qualities of biocompatibility, reliability, relative ease of manipulation, and low toxicity were soon seized upon and incorporated by many different medical specialties including dentistry. PMMA is also successfully being used for bone cements; contact and intraocular lens; screw fixation in bone; (filler for bone cavities and skull defects; and vertebrae stabilization in osteoporotic patients. We can manufacture using zirconia with porcelain inserts for the best combination of esthetic and strength in a prosthetic designed to last a lifetime.

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Informed Choices!

With some implant centers patients are left wondering if the solution they are presented is the best one for them or the best on to satisfy some corporate business model, not so with Total Freedom Dental. We pride ourselves in offering choices to meet our patients’ individual goals as long as the request does not conflict with sound dental principles and advice. For example, when a patient presents without any teeth the choice is clear, dental implants will always be the best solution. However when teeth are present there is not always a clear choice. Often a full set of dental implants will not be in the patients’ best interest. When teeth can be predictably maintained simply replacing those missing with one or more implants will usually result in the most natural, lifelike result possible. So whether or not you need a single implant, a complete set or even if implants are not needed, you will receive expert care at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center.

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    Most patients do not realize that the American Dental Association does not recognize dental implantology as a specialty and does not credential any dentist as a specialist. So, when you see advertising that states your implants will be placed by a specialist or a team of specialist you can be sure their specialty field is in a discipline other than dental implants. Although most dental schools provide some implant training to both pre and post-doctoral students, the amount of training is but a small part of the curriculum and older dentist received no training at all.How then does a patient make a choice? The best starting point is by looking at the experience of the dentist. After all it is now well accepted, based upon studies from institutes such as Florida State Universities Human Performance Lab that all human activities from ballroom dancing to mastering a musical instrument and presumably the practice of dentistry all require ten years of dedicated practice to even approach expert status.At Total Freedom patients can trust that they are truly in the hands of an expert. Our surgeon began placing implants at the beginning of the modern implant era, over 30 years ago. Long before even dental schools were teaching the discipline. Our restorative dentist and lab technician also have over 20 years practicing implant dentistry. Experience matters above all else.

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    Pt’s should understand that although implants are used to replace teeth, implants are not at all like teeth. Knowledge acquired by dentist working on and with teeth does not always apply to dental implants. As an example most dentists, based upon experience with teeth, will recommend 2 implants to replace 2 adjacent missing teeth. The doctors at Total Freedom long ago determined a better option is to replace 2 adjacent missing teeth with a single implant. Not only does the Total Freedom approach save the patient money but also reduces the risk of problems by about 50%. This is just one of the many ways that experience benefits the patient. Experience matters about all else.

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    Under the traditional model the dentist refers the patient to a surgeon for placement of a dental implant. The surgeon refers the patient back to the dentist for placement of the artificial tooth. The typical surgeon has never restored a dental implant and the typical dentist has never place a dental implant, so neither one ever becomes an expert in the totality of implant dentistry. Unlike the surgeon at Total Freedom who has both placed and restored dental implants for more than 30 years, it is probably correct to say that no dentist in the Phoenix area both places and restores more implants. Experience matters above all else.

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    Various clinics are now advertising the service of dental implants. These clinics are often franchise operations, or owned by private corporations or absent dentist. Their ads will emphasize the brand of implants used (although no brand has proven any more successful than another) the use of a “dental cat scan,” (although this technology is common place) and finally the extremely discounted price (although the savvy consumer knows you only get what you pay for). These claims are made for one reason, to distract the potential patient from the most important issue, an issue the clinic may prefer not to address, the experience of the dentist placing your implants.Total Freedom in contrast, was formed by combining two large successful dental and specialty practices with a 30 year history of serving your friends and neighbors right here in Phoenix. You can trust that here at Total Freedom you will be in the hands of an expert. Experience matters above all else.

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