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Why Total Freedom

Why Experience Matters?

Of All The Dental Implant Centers, Why Would I Consider Total Freedom?

For over 30 years the dentists at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center have been providing implant dentistry to your friends and neighbors right here in Phoenix Arizona. We have a proven track record of taking care of our patients that no other implant center can come close to matching. Patients can trust that Total Freedom Dental will always work in their best interest.

Not only does Total Freedom Dental surpass the other centers when it comes to experience, we also are the industry leader in technology becoming the country’s first fully digital dental implant center.

Our master technicians utilize this state of the art technology to produce a world-class product that is on a level above our competition.

Many businesses use technology to improve quality so they can charge more, at Total Freedom Dental we use our technology so we can charge less.

Professional Track Record

I said Tom, this is the first time in a long time that I don't have any pain in some part of my mouth. Ben J.

Total freedom’s periodontal, dental implant and dental alveolar surgeon, Dr. Kaiser, has been placing implants since the 1970 making him one of the nation’s most skilled, knowledgeable and efficient practitioners in dental implants. With a procedure like dental implants, the doctor’s experience is key to a smooth and effortless patient experience.

The Experience

They took an interest in who I was and my life, which I felt very good about, I'm healed. Jack A.

Another bonus: you also get to have all services performed right here in our Scottsdale office. There’s no need to drive anywhere else for any part of the procedure. Your Total Freedom specialists are all under one roof. And the entire team at Total Freedom,  from Dr. Kaiser on down, strives to make you as happy as you can possibly be.

Compare us to the national dental implant centers that offer, “Teeth in a Day.” What they have is a basic old fashioned denture laboratory that sends out to have a titanium bar made and then with very little technology and investment can make a hybrid processed to denture teeth. They also have to send out to an outside milling center if a zirconia option is desired. These centers must outsource, losing control of the process, the sophisticated design and manufacturing to large central milling centers that offer the same generic product to dentist worldwide.

They do such fantastic work. I completely and unequivocally recommend Total Freedom. Jan A.

One listen to Total Freedom’s patient testimonials, and it’s easy to understand why folks ask us for implants and stay with us for routine dental procedures. Some implant clinics aren’t interested in you unless you require a full set of teeth. Total Freedom is certainly capable of providing a full set but that’s not always our first recommendation. If you still have viable natural teeth of your own, we recommend keeping them. It depends on you and your circumstances.

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A procedure as critical as dental implants is not where one wants to shop for the lowest price, but for the best deal. To that end, you’ll find Total Freedom’s rates are competitive. Often, Total Freedom actually is the lowest price. That’s because we aren’t supporting a national clinic infrastructure. We are a community based dental implant center. As a result, we can charge less – which makes the Total Freedom deal exceptional. That’s because Total Freedom’s implant specialists are among the most experienced in the business.


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