Your Confidence Restored

Whatever your situation, Total Freedom is about setting you free and giving you new confidence to enjoy, laugh and lead the happy life you deserve. Why Total Freedom?

What to Expect

How great will it feel to have your New Teeth Before Morning’s End?

Your road to Total Freedom starts with a private consultation. We talk to you, hear what challenges you’re having, and listen to your hopes and expectations. After a relaxed assessment of your situation, we’ll offer our recommendations.

Of course, all decisions are up to you. When you decide to move forward with Total Freedom, the first step is to take impressions. This allows our lab to begin crafting your new teeth. Frequently, your impressions can happen the same day as your consultation.

Next comes your procedure. The day starts early, and our entire staff is focused solely on you. Our goal is to make you completely comfortable, which includes expediting the process. The entire session normally runs two to four hours. A local anesthetic is typical. Sedation is available for those who desire it. When you’re completely comfortable your Total Freedom surgeon fits your titanium implants.

Next, a Total Freedom specialist fits and finishes your new, interim teeth. Depending on the number of teeth, this takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Either way, in most cases, your transformation can be completed by morning’s end. Many patients return to work that same day.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to experience your new teeth. As your implants integrate, and you get to used to your interim teeth, you’ll also become acquainted with their look and fit. Then, based on your feedback, any necessary refinements are implemented to your final prosthetics.

When you’re done, the person you see smiling back at you in the mirror is someone you recognize—and whom you thought was gone for good. When you first go home, you can expect minor discomfort, which should be easily handled with over-the-counter pain medication and prescription medication as needed. There might be some bruising and/or swelling, but these should all pass relatively quickly.

You have your New Teeth. Now What?

Next, it’s all about maintaining your implants. We explain what should become your daily tooth-care routine, which is very basic: dental implants need to be regularly cared for, and similar to caring for your original teeth. Brushing at least twice a day and using a water pick will be sufficient.

And as with any proper dental care regimen, you’ll want to have regular checkups. (We also want to hear how much more you’re enjoying yourself.)