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Dr. Kaiser and Team from Total Freedom Dental Implant Center Performed the Smile Makeover at No Cost

Recently, the CBS 5 Surprise Squad in Phoenix, Arizona hosted a Smile Makeover Giveaway, which was hosted by Total Freedom Dental Implant Center. Participants were asked to enter the contest and explain in 150 words or less why they or someone they knew deserved the Smile Makeover by describing the present dental situation and how dental work would improve the winner’s life.  Dr. Gerald Kaiser along with his team from the Arizona dental implant center are pleased to announce that they will help local resident Christine Ojeda to have a beautiful smile that she is proud to share with others.

As a spokesperson for the dental implant specialists in Arizona noted,  Dr. Kaiser and the rest of the Team at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center are dedicated to changing lives and helping others in the community. In addition, the spokesperson said, there are many reasons why people should consider Total Freedom Dental for expert dental implant surgery.

Most patients do not realize that the American Dental Association does not recognize dental implantology as a specialty practice, while the American Academy of Implant Dentistry was formed in 1951 to focus on everything relating to dental implantation, he spokesperson said, adding that while Dental Schools do provide some training in implants to undergraduate and post-graduate students, the study of implants is but a small part of the overall curriculum.

Most of the knowledge and skill is acquired in the years following graduation.

Dr. Kaiser began placing dental implants since their inception so he definitely has surgical experience that is second to none. Total Freedom Dental in Scottsdale is also confident that the restorative team with over 20 years’ experience, possess expertise on par with anyone in the industry.

In addition, the spokesperson noted, Total Freedom’s updated practices cut down both costs and recovery time.

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Total Freedom is a custom solution and one of the most well recognized dental implant providers in Scottsdale and Phoenix. They are dedicated to providing the treatment that best fits their patients. That could mean a full set of new teeth. It could mean fewer implants than anticipated. It could mean the patient doesn’t require any implants at all. When they can save the teeth their patients have, that’s what they recommend. Whatever the situation, Total Freedom is about setting people free and giving them new confidence to enjoy, laugh and lead the happy life they deserve.

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