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Complete Versus Partial Dentures What’s the Difference

Removable partial denture, mandibular prosthesis.

As children, when we would lose a tooth, we would proudly show off the fallen soldier and the gap in our smile. Back then, it did not seem bad to have them fall out, but as we get older, the story changes drastically. Any adult knows that it is never a good thing to damage our permanent teeth. A quick visit to one of our dental offices in Scottsdale, Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona can provide patients with insight into what needs to get done.

Many people who lose a tooth or several often come to us to get some dentures made or repaired. Those who are new to the procedure are probably wondering what they are and how they work.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificially made teeth and gums. They are designed to act as replacements for missing teeth. Scottsdale dentures aren’t permanent fixtures, unlike Total Freedom Dental Implants. They can be removed from the mouth and put back in with relative ease. Although they require some getting used to and will never feel like our real teeth, they will serve an aesthetic and functional purpose. Nowadays, innovations in materials, equipment, and processes have made dentures resemble teeth more naturally. Most even find them to be more comfortable as well.

What Are They Made Of?

Older artificial teeth were created with plastic and porcelain, modern versions have done away with this. Instead, the dentures that are now available are made out of hard resin. But just because it is a hard resin doesn’t mean it cannot break or crack. In comparison to the enamel in our natural teeth, the materials that make up dentures are still more fragile. This makes them prone to cracks and chips when we don’t care for them properly or drop them.

Since the material has faster wear, unlike our real teeth, dentures require replacements about every five years.

What Are the Types of Dentures?

Dentures come in two types. A dentist can assess the remaining teeth and gums to determine whether partial or full dentures are needed. Here is how they differ.

Partial Dentures

When the surrounding teeth lack the strength to support structures like dental brides or when there are more than one or two missing teeth, a partial denture is chosen over any other replacement methods.

The way a partial denture works is by fitting it to the area of the gum line where it can sit comfortably. It is then attached to the closest natural teeth to stop it from moving or falling out of place. Partial dentures are not permanently attached. They are designed to allow the wearer to take them out at any time for cleaning or before sleeping.

Full Dentures

Also known as complete dentures, this type of artificial teeth can replace all of the natural teeth in our mouth. We can have them fitted on the top of the gum line. They are generally held in place by suction or with the aid of oral adhesive. Even though adhesives are used, we can still remove them with ease.

Finding the Type of Dentures That Suit You Best

Deciding on which type of denture you need is done with the guidance of Dr. Kaiser. More often than not, full dentures are recommended for patients who no longer have any salvageable teeth left.

Partial dentures will come into play when only a few gaps in the patient’s smile need to be replaced. Of course, it is not unheard of for some patients to request Total Freedom Dental Implants instead.

No dentist would suggest full dentures to someone with a single gap, especially when all the rest of the teeth are perfectly healthy. Patients cannot walk in and pick a denture type based on their whims. The selection will be done based on the overall needs and effects it will have.

The Process of Getting Your Dentures

Getting dentures made, unfortunately, does not happen with just a single visit to the dentist. The process of getting dentures, whether full or partial, will require multiple appointments over a span of weeks. It is vital for the dental impressions (molds) to come out extremely accurate. Numerous appointments may also be needed to try the dentures on to ensure that they are the correct shape, fit, and color. The final appointment should result in complete dentures that fit naturally and comfortably.

Patients from Scottsdale, Arizona and Phoenix, Arizona who come to our practice as first-time denture users are provided with additional instructions on how to best care for the new appliances.

It is completely normal to experience some soreness and increased saliva flow as well as chewing and speech difficulty. Over time, as the tissues and muscles get accustomed to the new dentures, the initial feelings will subside.

Are There Any Alternatives to Dentures?

Understandably, there are many patients who would rather be free of the nuisances that dentures come with. The best alternative for this is Total Freedom Dental Implants. Implants provide a fit that is more comfortable and also looks more natural. And unlike dentures, Total Freedom Dental Implants are more reliable and are known to last longer. It is even possible to use dental implants as a means to support and offer stability to dentures.

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

A dental implant is a modern tooth replacement method. This artificial tooth mirrors the structure of our natural teeth, and it comes built with a titanium root. The root is then fitted snugly into the bone. We can then use the inserted implant to support a crown, bridge, or denture.

Patients in Scottsdale, Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona will be happy to know that our offices are within easy reach. Our Scottsdale Dental Implants Center is equipped with up-to-date dental equipment to ensure our patients receive the best treatment.

And with his 20 years of experience in periodontics and surgical implant dentistry, Gerald L. Kaiser D.D.S. is the perfect person to entrust with your Total Freedom Dental Implants procedure.


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