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Full-Arch Replacements

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Full-Arch Replacements: New Smiles in as little as 3 days

Full Arch Replacements

Depending on the state of your natural teeth, your orthodontist may have a number of options available to address a number of dental complications. If you’ve lost teeth over the years, even an entire row, dentures or dental implants may satisfy your needs. But for those looking to recapture a more natural smile, full-arch restoration may provide greater satisfaction in as little as 5 total hours over 3 visits. This is a relatively light and speedy procedure that can fit most budgets.

What is Full Arch Restoration?

When adult teeth become damaged or lost due to age or health, it’s understandable to want them replaced as quickly as possible. It’s a quality of life issue that is more than just a cosmetic remedy. That’s why teeth restoration is in such demand, and that’s made it possible to advance the technology in full-arch restoration.

Often referred to as implant supported dentures, full-arch replacements are the mid point between traditional dentures and dental implants. This means that the installation process is relatively quick and inexpensive. In most cases this is an outpatient procedure that can be done as little as 3 visits to the dentist.

Dentures and Implants:

It’s not uncommon for people to experience some form of discomfort and instability throughout their mouth when using traditional dentures. This can become inconvenient while going throughout your day, especially when eating.

Implants are seen as a superior option. These are fixed in place and aren’t subject to constant moving. But this is more suitable for replacing individual teeth, not an entire row. If implants are used to replace an entire arch, the cost can quickly add up and become an unrealistic option for most people.

By taking the concept of both replacing an entire row of teeth and better set installation, we can achieve better results. By implanting overdentures where a row of teeth used to be, costs can be reduced and greater effectiveness can be achieved. Giving a full bride to the jaw, for example, can be done with just four dental implants, cutting down on costs for the patient.

Why Choose Full-Arch Restoration?

Full Arch restoration is a cost-effective treatment for people who need to replace a full row of missing teeth. By using a small number of implants to support a new bridge, the process of replacing missing teeth becomes more affordable to all in need.

In addition to cutting down the cost of the overall procedure, it is more efficient. With just a few visits over 3 days, the installation can be completed. And due to the nature of fewer procedures, patients recover relatively quickly.

Want to heal faster?

Faster healing is possible due partly to how the procedure is done. Though there are four implants needed for the full arch to be installed, two reach back into the jaw for greater stability. This means there’s no need for an invasive bone graft in order to give people new teeth.

What to Expect From Your Surgery:

As with any implant procedure, patients are given anesthesia to better withstand the pain associated with installation of dental implants.

When the surgery is concluded it is normal to experience numbness and soreness in the jaw and surrounding areas.

For most people this can be remedied with mild painkillers, like those used to address headaches or migraines. If you are unsure which pain medications are safe for you to consume, please contact your doctor.

If necessary, your dentist will tell you of any prescriptions you should take to assist in your recovery after installation.

What are My Replacement Options?

There’s more than one kind of full arch replacement, and depending on the patient there are options to choose from.

  • Ball Attachments: The ball attachment denture is done with just two ball attachments situated at the bottom jaw to hold the denture in place. This is more stable that typical dentures, but some movement can still occur. This means that it’s somewhat easy for food to find its way underneath, and trapped between the denture and gums can result in soreness and irritation. Patients will also need to meet with dentists regularly for adjustments.
  • Bar Attachments: In the case of overdentures, they are attached with a bar attachment. This is done with four dental implants to the jaw. With retention clips, the bar is given more support. This gives overdentures greater stability without affecting quickly removal for regular cleaning.
  • Hybrid Half-Dentures: Hybrid half-dentures are regarded as the most stable design option. Also known as the “screw retained denture,” this option uses five implants or more that are screwed in place. This is meant to be a permanent solution, allowing patients to clean their new teeth without having to remove them. In the even the denture is damaged and needs to be removed, it can only be done at a dentist’s office.
  • Individual Implants: Individual dental implants can be an option for replacing teeth. Even an entire set of teeth can be replaced with individual implants. This offers great stability and a more natural smile. This option, however, can be very expensive and require several appointments to complete.
  • Upper Jaw Dentures: As with replacements of lower replacements, upper arch replacements require implants to secure a denture. But due to softer bone, this option requires more implants than would be made at the jaw.

If you are missing a row of teeth, a full-arch replacement may be your best option to restore your smile, confidence, and resume regular life. Contact us in Scottsdale, AZ, not far from Fountain hills, or visit Total Freedom Dental Implants today to see if this is the best solution for you.


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