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Do You Need Dental Implants? 5 Signs To Lookout For

Man with beautiful smile after dental implant installation procedure

Dental implants solve various dental issues, but you may wonder if they are right for you. Every year, dentists across the U.S. place 500,000 implants to restore patients’ smiles. If you are looking into restorative dentistry, check the signs below that indicate the need for dental implants.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially if you are worried about smiling in public. Thankfully, dental technology has evolved significantly to address missing teeth. Removable dentures are popular as you can remove them when you sleep or eat if you want a temporary solution.

For people looking into permanent options for missing teeth, dental implants are excellent because they offer the look of natural teeth. This solution involves the placement of a titanium implant into the upper or lower jaw that serves as a base for the replacement tooth. The implant can last for years, and even decades, without repair or replacement.

Dental implants have several advantages over other tooth-replacement methods. For example, your dentist doesn’t need to grind down nearby teeth to stabilize the implant as required with bridges. Implants can also protect your jawbone from deterioration.

Tooth Infection

Tooth infections arise from different causes, including poor oral hygiene, cracked teeth, or untreated cavities. If germs infect the nerves in a tooth’s pulp tissue, you will be dealing with a condition called an abscess. The infection gets complicated if you wait too long to get treatment, and your dentists may not be able to save your tooth.

In the event of teeth extraction, dental implants can replace the infected tooth and protect your oral health. However, you need to stick to regular brushing and flossing as the implants can get infected, just like normal teeth.Implants are not subject to decay but can fail due to infection.

Sunken Facial Appearance

If you have had missing teeth for a long time, your jawbone may start to recede and deteriorate. You may not recognize how vital your teeth are in your facial appearance until you lose one or multiple teeth.

A sunken-in appearance is also typical among people who wear dentures as they don’t facilitate bone growth. Dentists place dentures on the gum tissue, meaning that your jaw continues to deteriorate with age.

Dental implants are the best alternative as your dentist places them into your jawbone. The implants help prevent further recession, stabilize the jaw, stimulate bone growth, and improve your overall appearance.

Ill-Fitting Dentures

Denture wearers deal with many challenges, from ill-fitting dentures to daily cleaning or dentures that continually fall out. Denture adhesives can also get messy, and food gets stuck between the gum and the denture. If you have loose dentures, you likely worry about them falling out at any moment as you complete daily activities.

Fortunately, you don’t need to keep taking out your dentures to clean them or eat if you get dental implants. They operate just like your normal teeth. Since usual brushing and flossing suffice with implants, you don’t need special adhesives or cleaners. Also, these fixtures don’t slip like dentures.

Low Confidence

Cracked and broken teeth affect anyone’s confidence, and you may miss smiling without care. Other people feel self-conscious about dentures or bridges and avoid joining in on the laughter among friends. Tooth infection and decay also impact a patient’s body image.

Dental implants rejuvenate your smile and boost your confidence. Since the replacement teeth look natural, you don’t have to worry that anyone will notice you have missing teeth.

At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we understand how much a healthy smile means to your confidence. Don’t let missing, cracked, or infected teeth keep you from the life of your dreams. Call us today for more dental implant information.


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