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Dental Implants and Bone Loss

Do Not Delay: Dental Implants and Bone Loss

All-On-4 dental implants exampleMissing one or more teeth not only interferes with the look of your smile but it impacts your daily routine and bone density in the jaw.   Once you lose a tooth, the root is not able to stimulate the bone any longer and it begins to deteriorate.  Fortunately, the Scottsdale dental implants by Gerald L. Kaiser D.D.S. can prevent the loss of bone mass, restore your beautiful smile, and improve your quality of life.

Once you lose a tooth, the jawbone atrophies and the bone will grow thinner and is not as strong. All other remaining teeth usually will begin to shift out of place. To make matters worse, the appearance of the face is also affected.  There is a sunken appearance that many patients find upsetting.

Do Not Delay!

smiling dental implant patient in Arizona actual clientKeeping your natural teeth is always best, which is one of the reasons we stress dental health so much. However, that is not also possible and is not quite common.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that 26% of adults over the age of 65 only have 8 or less remaining teeth. The American College of Prosthodontists also found that 30% of adults from the age of 65-74 do not have any natural teeth left.  The good news is that when teeth are lost, titanium dental implants can prevent bone recession!

They do this by mimicking the functions of a tooth root. Dental implants are small, titanium screws that are implanted into the jawbone and are not visible after placement. A small metal connector piece called an abutment is screwed into the implant. Although this metal piece will stick out of the gums, it will be covered with a crown, bridge, or denture, and will not be noticeable once the process is complete.  Once the dental implant is placed, it looks and acts just like a natural tooth.

Zygomatic dental implants

Zygomatic dental implants are specifically designed for use in people with low bone mass in the upper jaw. Similar to traditional dental implants, they serve as an anchor point for a dental prosthetic. However, they are implanted into the zygomatic bone instead of the jawbone. Zygomatic implants are drastically longer than traditional implants because they extend past the jawbone but still have the same structure as a traditional dental implant. Zygomatic implants are placed at an angle and are angled where they connect to the prosthetic.

The sooner you get a dental implant after losing a tooth, the better. The width of a jawbone usually decreases by 25% within the first year after losing a tooth.

Scottsdale Dental Implant DentistIf it has been a while since you lost a tooth or multiple teeth, do not worry.  Our team is highly trained and skilled to help all different types of cases.  The team at Total Freedom Dental Implants is here for you and will do what is best for you while holding your hand every step of the way.  Zygomatic implants can be used in people who are not candidates for traditional dental implants due to severe bone loss.

Dental implants from Total Freedom Dental Implant Center in Scottsdale, AZ are an ideal solution. They prevent bone loss and restore functionality and confidence. Whether you need a single-tooth dental implant or a full mouth, we can help! People from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, and Sun City enjoy the service they receive from Total Freedom Dental Implant Center. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today!

How to Find a Good Periodontist in Scottsdale

smiling dental implant patient in Arizona actual clientLosing teeth is scary and traumatic for so many people.  However, it is more common than you think.  The American Academy of Implant Dentistry reported 3 million people have at least one dental implant and the number that is rapidly growing every year.  If you are considering dental implants, it is important to meet with an experienced Periodontist who specializes in placement of dental implants, crowns, and veneers.  Periodontists are dentists who concentrate prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and in fixing damage to your natural teeth or replacing them with prosthetic teeth.  Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing or fix failing teeth, but it is important to choose with an experienced Periodontist to complete the work.  Not only will they give the patient a beautiful smile, but they will restore good health, overall quality of life and restore self-confidence.

Choose someone who is Board Certified.

Board certification is a way for patients to know that their dentist will be able to provide quality care.  For a doctor to become board certified, they must demonstrate through written, oral, practical, and simulator-based testing, a mastery of the basic knowledge and skills that define an area of dental/medical specialization.  This advanced assessment process is, of course, in addition to having a medical degree, “approved post-graduate training,” and a variety of other “prerequisites” set by the specific board. If a dentist is board certified, he or she must have already successfully jumped through a variety of professional hoops.

Dr. Kaiser is a residency trained, board eligible periodontist. Dr. Kaiser holds memberships in several professional organizations including The American Academy of Periodontology, The American Academy of Implant Dentistry, The Arizona Society of Periodontists, and both the American and Arizona Dental Associations.

impant dentist office in Scottsdale AZ


Choose someone with experience.

Dental Implants are life changing.  They are an investment in yourself that allow you to regain self-confidence and improve your overall health.  When you choose to invest in yourself you want to make sure you choose a periodontist that knows what to do in every situation.  It is also important that they can perfectly place the dental implants and has your best interest in mind.  Dr. Kaiser at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center holds memberships in several professional organizations including The American Academy of Periodontology, The American Academy of Implant Dentistry, The Arizona Society of Periodontists, and both the American and Arizona Dental Associations.

He has a reputation for being honest and always doing what is right for his patients.  He placed his first dental implant in 1978 and has placed several thousand since. Dr. Kaiser is particularly proud of the fact that while his daily practice, for over 30 years, has included periodontal, dental implant, and dental alveolar surgery he has never had a single complaint filed with the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiner.



Have a consultation with a Prosthodontist.

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is an infection that can attack the gums and break down the jawbone. The most common cause of periodontal diseases is buildup of plaque on the gum line.   About 75% of Americans have periodontal disease of some kind. This usually happens since most people neglect the health of their gums, and rarely consult with a professional periodontist. While there is a wide array of symptoms correlated with periodontal disease, they may go unnoticed without the proper examination of a periodontist.  Thorough examinations from a periodontist can help mitigate the chances of contracting periodontal disease. A periodontist may provide preventive oral hygiene instruction to maintain the health of your gums and perform specialized treatments to remedy gum disease.

At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we offer a free consultation to all our patients.  We will give an honest recommendation and the best treatment plan unique for you.  We will lay out all of fees associated with your treatment so that you are not surprised by anything.

Check their reviews online.

Before you choose a periodontist, make sure to Google the dental office and read the reviews online.  It is important that the community has reported a positive experience with the periodontist and their staff.  At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we take pride in our 5 Stars Reviews on Google because we value our patients and do all we can to make sure they happy and comfortable with the entire dental implant process.

Ask to see images of patients they have worked with.

During your consultation, you should ask the Periodontist to see photos of work they have performed.  It is important that you like the dental implants that they have placed.  Your mouth is such a vital part of your body and dental implants should feel, look and act like real teeth.  Gain confidence in the periodontist by examining his work.

It is important to do your research on Periodontists before you choose one.  You will be happy when you choose a quality dental practice that has a sincere desire to provide quality work, so it is especially important that you know who you are working with. Scottsdale Implant professionals are not all created equal but there some quality professionals that are focused on your satisfaction and will provide nothing less. Dr. Kaiser is the best option and is here for you!  At Total Freedom Dental Implants we will make the best possible choice when it comes to addressing your teeth replacement needs.  Replacing teething does not have to be scary! We care about our patients and will do all we can to make you feel comfortable during your Scottsdale dental implants and Periodontal treatment plans.  You will not go wrong selecting Total Freedom Dental.

Complete Versus Partial Dentures What’s the Difference

scottsdale denturesAs children, when we would lose a tooth, we would proudly show off the fallen soldier and the gap in our smile. Back then, it did not seem bad to have them fall out, but as we get older, the story changes drastically. Any adult knows that it is never a good thing to damage our permanent teeth. A quick visit to one of our dental offices in Scottsdale, Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona can provide patients with insight into what needs to get done.

Many people who lose a tooth or several often come to us to get some dentures made or repaired. Those who are new to the procedure are probably wondering what they are and how they work.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificially made teeth and gums. They are designed to act as replacements for missing teeth. Scottsdale dentures aren’t permanent fixtures, unlike Total Freedom Dental Implants. They can be removed from the mouth and put back in with relative ease. Although they require some getting used to and will never feel like our real teeth, they will serve an aesthetic and functional purpose. Nowadays, innovations in materials, equipment, and processes have made dentures resemble teeth more naturally. Most even find them to be more comfortable as well.

What Are They Made Of?

Older artificial teeth were created with plastic and porcelain, modern versions have done away with this. Instead, the dentures that are now available are made out of hard resin. But just because it is a hard resin doesn’t mean it cannot break or crack. In comparison to the enamel in our natural teeth, the materials that make up dentures are still more fragile. This makes them prone to cracks and chips when we don’t care for them properly or drop them.

Since the material has faster wear, unlike our real teeth, dentures require replacements about every five years.

What Are the Types of Dentures?

Dentures come in two types. A dentist can assess the remaining teeth and gums to determine whether partial or full dentures are needed. Here is how they differ.

Partial Dentures

When the surrounding teeth lack the strength to support structures like dental brides or when there are more than one or two missing teeth, a partial denture is chosen over any other replacement methods.

The way a partial denture works is by fitting it to the area of the gum line where it can sit comfortably. It is then attached to the closest natural teeth to stop it from moving or falling out of place. Partial dentures are not permanently attached. They are designed to allow the wearer to take them out at any time for cleaning or before sleeping.

Full Dentures

Also known as complete dentures, this type of artificial teeth can replace all of the natural teeth in our mouth. We can have them fitted on the top of the gum line. They are generally held in place by suction or with the aid of oral adhesive. Even though adhesives are used, we can still remove them with ease.

Finding the Type of Dentures That Suit You Best

Deciding on which type of denture you need is done with the guidance of Dr. Kaiser. More often than not, full dentures are recommended for patients who no longer have any salvageable teeth left.

Partial dentures will come into play when only a few gaps in the patient’s smile need to be replaced. Of course, it is not unheard of for some patients to request Total Freedom Dental Implants instead.

No dentist would suggest full dentures to someone with a single gap, especially when all the rest of the teeth are perfectly healthy. Patients cannot walk in and pick a denture type based on their whims. The selection will be done based on the overall needs and effects it will have.

The Process of Getting Your Dentures

dentures scottsdale

Getting dentures made, unfortunately, does not happen with just a single visit to the dentist. The process of getting dentures, whether full or partial, will require multiple appointments over a span of weeks. It is vital for the dental impressions (molds) to come out extremely accurate. Numerous appointments may also be needed to try the dentures on to ensure that they are the correct shape, fit, and color. The final appointment should result in complete dentures that fit naturally and comfortably.

Patients from Scottsdale, Arizona and Phoenix, Arizona who come to our practice as first-time denture users are provided with additional instructions on how to best care for the new appliances.

It is completely normal to experience some soreness and increased saliva flow as well as chewing and speech difficulty. Over time, as the tissues and muscles get accustomed to the new dentures, the initial feelings will subside.

Are There Any Alternatives to Dentures?

Understandably, there are many patients who would rather be free of the nuisances that dentures come with. The best alternative for this is Total Freedom Dental Implants. Implants provide a fit that is more comfortable and also looks more natural. And unlike dentures, Total Freedom Dental Implants are more reliable and are known to last longer. It is even possible to use dental implants as a means to support and offer stability to dentures.

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

A dental implant is a modern tooth replacement method. This artificial tooth mirrors the structure of our natural teeth, and it comes built with a titanium root. The root is then fitted snugly into the bone. We can then use the inserted implant to support a crown, bridge, or denture.

Patients in Scottsdale, Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona will be happy to know that our offices are within easy reach. Our Scottsdale Dental Implants Center is equipped with up-to-date dental equipment to ensure our patients receive the best treatment.

And with his 20 years of experience in periodontics and surgical implant dentistry, Gerald L. Kaiser D.D.S. is the perfect person to entrust with your Total Freedom Dental Implants procedure.

What You Need to Know About Dentures

When you loose your teeth or they begin to fail, an option may be complete or partial dentures.  A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth.  There are two types of dentures that we offer at Total Freedom, complete and partial dentures.  Complete dentures are given when all the teeth are missing.  Partial dentures are used when some of the teeth are missing.  Dentures can be a nice alternative to dental implants because they do not cost as much.

Many patients who are interested in Scottsdale dentures because they are not a candidate for dental implants ask if dentures are safe, do they hurt and how do you eat with them.  Dentures are very beneficial if you are suffering from missing teeth.  They are a great option to get your smile back and regain confidence!

scottsdale denturesWhat are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that are placed in your mouth and are used to replace the teeth. The devices help by replacing missing teeth or the entire set of your teeth, depending on your situation.  Our experienced denturist specializes only in dentures and will ensure that the dentures fit perfectly for you.  He will make a series of impressions of your jaw and take measurements.  He will create a model for you to try and ensure the exact shape and position of the denture is made.  Once that is confirmed, he will case a final denture.  Then, he will adjust when necessary.

There’s little discomfort involved, and you will leave our dental office looking different to yourself, in a positive and good way!

Benefits of dentures

Dentures restore your smile! You will no longer have to be worried about how your mouth looks when you leave your Scottsdale home.  Dentures come with a multitude of benefits for people who suffer from damaged or broken teeth. With missing teeth, your mouth’s functionality is sure to decrease. By opting for dentures, you will be able to bring this back as you will be able to chew and speak better. No more worrying about spit falling through your missing teeth or having to chew from only one side because your missing teeth do not allow you to chew anything from the other side.

Support for facial features

Your facial features need your teeth’s support to uphold and maintain themselves. With missing teeth, this causes your facial features to sag. The features around your mouth, especially your cheeks can sag. Dentures can ensure this does not happen! With dentures in place, you will be able to make sure that your facial features get all the support they need.

Increased self-confidence

Many of our patients are self-conscious about their smile because of missing teeth.  They are tired of worrying about their appearance because of missing or broken teeth.  With dentures and dental implants, you no longer must worry about that.  Dentures immediately boost a person’s confidence as they can feel better about themselves and live their life to the fullest rather than fearing people seeing their missing teeth. It helps you smile better and gets you doing things that you previously thought you could not!

Easy cleaning allows for better oral health

Dentures also allow you to clean them and your mouth easily. Just like natural teeth, you will have to brush them at least twice a day to make sure that they are clean. Dentures offer you more than a complete set of teeth. As soon as you get them, you will feel like a different person in the best way possible. They help you with your everyday functions such as eating and speaking, while also making sure you feel your best.

Same Day Emergency Denture Repairs in Scottsdale Arizona

At Total Freedom, we understand that a fractured, cracked or chipped denture can cause great pain and turmoil.  You may have to stop all activity and work. You will not be able to smile, eat or speak normally. A broken denture can also affect your self-confidence. Which is why we have an experienced and trusted denturist in our office. We now offer same day emergency denture repairs to get you functioning and smiling again. We are also able to offer a quick turnaround time on other denture issues such as adjustment or relines. Our goal is to get your denture restored without interrupting your life.

Having a denturists’ expertise and professionalism as part of our team at Total Freedom Dental Implants make us the best possible choice when it comes to addressing your teeth replacement needs. If implants are not quite right for you now and you want a new or replacement denture or partial, you won’t go wrong selecting Total Freedom Dental.

Why Choose Total Freedom Dental Implants Over Other Scottsdale Implant Providers

Dental implants have become a powerful solution for so many because implants boost confidence and improve your quality of life.  With more confidence, men and women of all ages find it easier to pursue their goals and feel comfortable in social settings.  With a functional set of teeth, you can eat with ease and your risk for cardiovascular disease is reduced.

If you are ready to make a positive change in your life with dental implants, your next option is to decide what dentist will provide your implants and complete the procedure. This article shares the important factors you should consider when choosing a dentist for dental implants and how Total Freedom Dental Implants has set the standard high in Arizona for providing world class experience for all their patients.

EXPERIENCED PERIODONTIST: Dr. Kaiser has been placing implants for 30 years.

All-On-4 dental implants exampleIt is often confusing for patients to determine who should be providing their dental treatment when it involves surgical procedures.  It is important remember that with any surgical procedure there are inherent risks, and you should be in experienced hands when getting dental implants.

Dr. Kaiser is the most respected dental implant specialist in Scottsdale Arizona.  He built his career as a dentist passionate about helping patients renew their smiles.  With over 30 years specializing in dental implant solutions, he always recommends the best and safest method for dental implant treatments.  When you see advertising that states your implants will be placed by a specialist, you should check to see if their specialty field is dental implants.  Most of the time, it is not.

Patients should also understand that there is a significant difference between residency trained surgical specialists and dentists without any post-graduate surgical residency training.  It is the extensive amount of training and experience of the surgical specialists that enables them to diagnose and manage potential complications that can occur.

Scottsdale Dental Implant DentistDr. Kaiser is a residency trained, board-eligible periodontist. He is from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He attended college in his hometown, graduating from Southeast Missouri State University. He received his dental and periodontal specialty training from the University of Missouri and subsequently moved to Scottsdale in 1978.

He began his specialty practice limited to periodontics and surgical implant dentistry in 1978 when he placed his first dental implant and has placed several thousand since. Dr. Kaiser is particularly proud of the fact that while his daily practice, for over 30 years, has included periodontal, dental implant, and dental alveolar surgery he has never had a single complaint filed with the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners.

Dr. Kaiser cares about his patients and is committed to providing expert care and perfect smiles for all his patients!

“I wasn’t just another case at Total Freedom, they treated me like royalty and really got to know me and what I wanted. They turned a frightening procedure into the makeover of a lifetime!”

HONEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Your health and goals are our #1 priority.

Total Freedom is about setting you free and giving you new confidence to enjoy, laugh, and lead the happy life you deserve.  Your happiness AND health are our number one priority.  We will only do what is best for our patients.  Our focus is not meeting a corporate business goal, but instead we focus on retaining teeth and will do all we can to prevent you from losing teeth.

With some implant centers, patients are left wondering if the solution they are presented with is the best one for them.  We pride ourselves in offering choices to meet our patient’s individual goals, if the request does not conflict with sound dental principles and advice.  We are not here to sell to you. We are here to give you the smile and confidence you deserve.  We will take conservative route to your dental care and layout a unique treatment plan.

At Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we also pride ourselves in offering our patients the best choices in Scottsdale Arizona.  Choices that are tailored to their needs and in their best interest.  For example, when a patient presents without any teeth the choice is clear, dental implants will always be the best solution. However, when teeth are present there is not always a clear choice. Often a full set of dental implants will not be in the patients’ best interest. When teeth can be predictably maintained simply replacing those missing with one or more implants will usually result in the most natural, lifelike result possible. So, whether or not you need a single implant, a complete set or even if implants are not needed, you will receive expert care at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center.

“I went to Total Freedom for a second opinion and I am so happy I did! They offered an alternative treatment plan that saved me a lot of money in the long run.”

TECHNOLOGY AND CHOICES: We do not outsource any of our work.

impant dentist office in Scottsdale AZAt Total Freedom, we don’t hand off our patients’ case with outsourcing any work.  Other implant centers outsource their design and milling.   We are the industry leader in technology becoming the country’s first fully digital dental implant center.  We have invested in the design software, the five access milling machines so that we can actually manufacture a world class product, completely in-house. Our master technicians utilize this state-of-the-art technology to produce to deliver superior results.  Many businesses use technology to improve quality so they can charge more, at Total Freedom Dental we use our technology so we can charge less.

Our in-house lab also allows us to give our patients more choices.  Because we control the milling and design, we are not limited to the standard materials such as titanium, denture acrylic and denture teeth. We can offer newer metal free materials such as PMMA. PMMA is polymethyl methacrylate which is used to fabricate dental restorations such as implants. Its qualities of biocompatibility, reliability, relative ease of manipulation, and low toxicity were soon seized upon and incorporated by many different medical specialties including dentistry. PMMA is also successfully being used for bone cements; contact and intraocular lens; screw fixation in bone; (filler for bone cavities and skull defects; and vertebrae stabilization in osteoporotic patients. We can manufacture using zirconia with porcelain inserts for the best combination of esthetic and strength in a prosthetic designed to last a lifetime.  Our implants are designed to last a lifetime and we help make sure you know how to take care of them to get the most out of your investment.


“I am extremely happy with the results of this journey and want to give my greatest thanks to everyone at Total Freedom Dental.  It was a big decision and I have no regrets.  You gave me the smile I never thought I could have!”


COMFORT AND CONFIDENCE:  We are dedicated to bringing joy to our patients 

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center is here for you.  We are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to have a perfect smile. We offer a worry-free experience and will gain your trust by showing you respect.  We offer a friendly, relaxed environment all under one roof.  You can have all services performed right here in our Scottsdale office. There is no need to drive anywhere else for any part of the procedure. Your Total Freedom specialists are all under one roof.

When you meet with us for a consultation, we take the time to get to know you because by understanding your story, we can provide the best solution for you.  We will do a thorough exam of your mouth so that we may provide a thorough explanation of your condition and lay out a unique treatment for your specific goals.  You will leave our office knowing so much more about your health and dental options.

“Total Freedom is the best. They treat you with such kindness and respect.  I never felt pressured and all my questions were always answered with a thorough and honest explanation.  The office is also extremely comfortable.”

NO HIDDEN FEES: We provide a clear plan of your dental implant journey.

We are upfront about all our costs and do our best to provide everyone with the chance to have the smile they deserve.  Many clinics across the Valley are now advertising the service of dental implants. These clinics are often franchise operations or owned by private corporations or an absent dentist. Their ads misrepresent the timeline for treatments and claim an extremely discounted price that does not include all the fees that will be charged. These claims are made for one reason, to distract the potential patient from the most important issue, an issue the clinic may prefer not to address, the experience of the dentist placing your implants.

“A local dental implant center gave me a treatment plan, but it seemed extremely low. I went to Total Freedom for a second opinion. They explained the entire process in detail and explained costs that were left out of the treatment plan.  I called the local center, and admitted it was not the full treatment plan. I chose Total Freedom and I’m thankful that I was not stuck with unexpected costs and received excellent care from an experienced dentist.”

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center has been Arizona’s leading choice for dental implants for over 30 years.  You can trust that here at Total Freedom you will be in the hands of an expert. Experience matters above all else.  If you have any questions about dental implants and would like a FREE consultation, please call our office 480-860-9002.

Dental Implants Costs and Pricing

What Is the Cost of Dental Implants?

When you are losing teeth or faced with no teeth at all, it can be a scary thing, but you do have options.  The most recommended remedy is dental implants. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry states that the number of people in America who have them exceeds 3 million, and the number of people who get them every year exceeds 500,000. Misinformation about their cost is abundant, but the following information will make things clearer.

What Are Dental Implants

Dental Implant pricing and costsThese artificial teeth replace those that are missing. They are usually recommended when a tooth is lost as the result of an accident, or when one or more teeth have to be extracted. These replacements look very real, and they are surgically secured to the jaw with a titanium screw. Once implanted, they are permanently fused to the bone and making the structure secure enough to hold a ceramic crown. Many people would rather have this than any other treatment.

The majority of people are suited for this treatment, but if your bones aren’t healthy or they lack the height needed to provide adequate support, this procedure is not recommended. However, we will find a solution that will work for you.  If you are a candidate for it, it is recommended that you have it done soon after losing your teeth to avoid loss of bone. Your dentist will discuss your best options.

Why Do People Like Implants So Much?

Sometimes people who have lost their teeth lose their confidence to smile. In addition to this problem, they may find it hard to talk and eat, and they may experience bone loss. Infections and other dental disorders may also occur. This procedure can correct these abnormalities better than dentures and bridges.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Them?

  • They will last forever. Bridges only 5 to 7 years.
  • They’re comfortable, and they feel as secure as your own teeth.
  • They’ll be no damage or shifting during and after this procedure.
  • You’ll brush and floss like they are your own.
  • Compared to dentures and bridges, they have a more natural appearance.

Even though the procedure to get them is more detailed than it is for getting dentures and bridges, they are worth having. They excel in comfort, look and durability. People who have tried other types of treatment say this one dramatically enhances the quality of your life.

The Procedure Involves Multiple Steps

The steps to this type of care may not be the same for everyone. This explains why a flat price that’s advertised cannot always be expected. These are the procedures that will determine the cost of your treatment:

  • There’s extraction that will have to be performed prior to the implant process. This step is required only if necessary.
  • A bone graft may be needed. The condition your jawbone and gums are in will determine if you need this done. If your jawbone is thin, bone grafting may be needed prior to implantation.
  • Surgical placement of the titanium implant is another step. Under local anesthesia, it will be implanted into the jawbone.
  • Placement of a non-permanent crown or denture could be a step. If the patient wants to wear a crown or dentures while the titanium piece fuses to the jawbone, this step is included. Since your dentist will have to wait for you to heal before proceeding with the treatment, temporarily wearing a crown or dentures can help you eat and talk. Healing usually takes between two and six months.
  • Placement of an abutment is the next step. After the bone in your jaw has healed, a part that fastens the implant to the crown will be set in place. Your gums will have to be opened up so that your dentist can get to the dental implant and connect it to the abutment.
  • The last step is the placement of a permanent crown. This step will take place approximately 14 days after placement of the abutment as this is how long it will take for your gums to heal. While waiting for you to recover, impressions of the inside of your mouth will be taken, and a permanent crown will be made to match your natural smile.

The Cost

Because the procedure done on one person can be different from the procedure done on someone else, the total price will also be different. Someone may need to have an extraction, or a non-permanent crown put in, but someone else may forgo these procedures because they don’t need to have them done. Many factors must be taken into account before the cost is determined, and certain steps will need to be taken for some, but not for others.

Note that the price of implantation, abutment and a crown is usually around $4,000. Remember that the price you’ll have to pay will be based on the steps that will need to be taken.  It is important to get ask for all the fees and final cost during a consultation.  Some dental offices will quote a price and then end up charging you hidden fees.  At Total Freedom Dental Implants, we will explain your options and walk you through all of the fees.  We are very transparent and always recommend what is in the patient’s best interest.

How Dental Implants Compare in Value to Bridges and Crowns

Although dental implantation can be more expensive than bridge and crown treatment can be, the lifelong cost of this more expensive treatment is usually less. Bridges and crowns have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, and even if they are well taken care of, they will need to be replaced after a while. If you are young, you will find yourself replacing them more than once during your lifetime.

When you have a bridge, flossing correctly is a constant struggle, and this problem can lead to cavities. When this happens, more dental work, that could cost you more money, will be needed. Since grinding is involved when bridge and crown work is done, damage can lead to more work needed in the future.

With implantation, the jawbone is preserved, and cavities won’t be a problem. The cost of this procedure is an excellent investment that will leave you smiling.

Possible Ways to Pay

Although coverage for this treatment isn’t usually offered by many dental plan companies, and the majority of them have a yearly capped coverage amount, you may be provided with payment options. Ask your dentist what your payment options are when you are given an estimate of the payments you will have to make. Don’t forget that your investment will be for a lifetime solution.

We have many options that are designed to lower the total cost of your dental care and monthly payments. The plan we offer will reduce the price of the services, that are not covered by your dental insurance, by 20 to 40 percent. Our dental financing plans with low-interest rates to help you pay for the dental care you need.

Invest in dental implants for a natural-looking smile. After having it, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease with brushing and flossing. Don’t let other dental offices mislead you with their prices when we can give you a price we know you’ll be happy with.

Come to a Total Freedom Dental Implants and let us help you choose the best plan for your needs. Get in touch with us so we can schedule a free consultation.

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