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Mark Nelson

Mark began his dental career in 1992 in a management capacity for the Portland based Artisan Dental Lab, a 90+ person commercial lab. While at Artisan he teamed with dental instructors from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in performing chairside evaluations and treatment planning. Mark was also actively involved in product development and participated in leading instructional seminars. He received an Associates of Arts Degree from Portland Community College before being selected by Clear Choice Dental Implant Center to be their National Implant Scanning Manager. While at Clear Choice he personally designed over 2,500 titanium bars while assisting in developing the protocols used by the company. Titanium bars are the most technique sensitive part of the popular All on 4 or Teeth in a Day procedure. Without an accurate bar the procedure fails.

However, involvement with volume focused commercial labs did not allow Mark the freedom to work with individual patients from start to finish. To provide his family with a climate better suited to their lifestyle, Mark accepted employment in Scottsdale, with the well – known and highly respected Wiand Dental Lab directing and coordinating laboratory operations before coming to Total Freedom Dental Implant Center.

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