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Dental Implants Costs and Pricing

Anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant in human dentura

What Is the Cost of Dental Implants?

When you are losing teeth or faced with no teeth at all, it can be a scary thing, but you do have options. Â The most recommended remedy is dental implants. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry states that the number of people in America who have them exceeds 3 million, and the number of people who get them every year exceeds 500,000. Misinformation about their cost is abundant, but the following information will make things clearer.

What Are Dental Implants

These artificial teeth replace those that are missing. They are usually recommended when a tooth is lost as the result of an accident, or when one or more teeth have to be extracted. These replacements look very real, and they are surgically secured to the jaw with a titanium screw. Once implanted, they are permanently fused to the bone and making the structure secure enough to hold a ceramic crown. Many people would rather have this than any other treatment.

The majority of people are suited for this treatment, but if your bones aren’t healthy or they lack the height needed to provide adequate support, this procedure is not recommended. However, we will find a solution that will work for you.   If you are a candidate for it, it is recommended that you have it done soon after losing your teeth to avoid loss of bone. Your dentist will discuss your best options.

Why Do People Like Implants So Much?

Sometimes people who have lost their teeth lose their confidence to smile. In addition to this problem, they may find it hard to talk and eat, and they may experience bone loss. Infections and other dental disorders may also occur. This procedure can correct these abnormalities better than dentures and bridges.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Them?

  • They will last forever. Bridges only 5 to 7 years.
  • They’re comfortable, and they feel as secure as your own teeth.
  • They’ll be no damage or shifting during and after this procedure.
  • You’ll brush and floss like they are your own.
  • Compared to dentures and bridges, they have a more natural appearance.

Even though the procedure to get them is more detailed than it is for getting dentures and bridges, they are worth having. They excel in comfort, look and durability. People who have tried other types of treatment say this one dramatically enhances the quality of your life.

The Procedure Involves Multiple Steps

The steps to this type of care may not be the same for everyone. This explains why a flat price that’s advertised cannot always be expected. These are the procedures that will determine the cost of your treatment:

  • There’s extraction that will have to be performed prior to the implant process. This step is required only if necessary.
  • A bone graft may be needed. The condition your jawbone and gums are in will determine if you need this done. If your jawbone is thin, bone grafting may be needed prior to implantation.
  • Surgical placement of the titanium implant is another step. Under local anesthesia, it will be implanted into the jawbone.
  • Placement of a non-permanent crown or denture could be a step. If the patient wants to wear a crown or dentures while the titanium piece fuses to the jawbone, this step is included. Since your dentist will have to wait for you to heal before proceeding with the treatment, temporarily wearing a crown or dentures can help you eat and talk. Healing usually takes between two and six months.
  • Placement of an abutment is the next step. After the bone in your jaw has healed, a part that fastens the implant to the crown will be set in place. Your gums will have to be opened up so that your dentist can get to the dental implant and connect it to the abutment.
  • The last step is the placement of a permanent crown. This step will take place approximately 14 days after placement of the abutment as this is how long it will take for your gums to heal. While waiting for you to recover, impressions of the inside of your mouth will be taken, and a permanent crown will be made to match your natural smile.

The Cost

Because the procedure done on one person can be different from the procedure done on someone else, the total price will also be different. Someone may need to have an extraction, or a non-permanent crown put in, but someone else may forgo these procedures because they don’t need to have them done. Many factors must be taken into account before the cost is determined, and certain steps will need to be taken for some, but not for others.

Note that the price of implantation, abutment and a crown is usually around $4,000. Remember that the price you’ll have to pay will be based on the steps that will need to be taken. It is important to get ask for all the fees and final cost during a consultation. Some dental offices will quote a price and then end up charging you hidden fees. At Total Freedom Dental Implants, we will explain your options and walk you through all of the fees. We are very transparent and always recommend what is in the patient’s best interest.

How Dental Implants Compare in Value to Bridges and Crowns

Although dental implantation can be more expensive than bridge and crown treatment can be, the lifelong cost of this more expensive treatment is usually less. Bridges and crowns have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, and even if they are well taken care of, they will need to be replaced after a while. If you are young, you will find yourself replacing them more than once during your lifetime.

When you have a bridge, flossing correctly is a constant struggle, and this problem can lead to cavities. When this happens, more dental work, that could cost you more money, will be needed. Since grinding is involved when bridge and crown work is done, damage can lead to more work needed in the future.

With implantation, the jawbone is preserved, and cavities won’t be a problem. The cost of this procedure is an excellent investment that will leave you smiling.

Possible Ways to Pay

Although coverage for this treatment isn’t usually offered by many dental plan companies, and the majority of them have a yearly capped coverage amount, you may be provided with payment options. Ask your dentist what your payment options are when you are given an estimate of the payments you will have to make. Don’t forget that your investment will be for a lifetime solution.

We have many options that are designed to lower the total cost of your dental care and monthly payments. The plan we offer will reduce the price of the services, that are not covered by your dental insurance, by 20 to 40 percent. Our dental financing plans with low-interest rates to help you pay for the dental care you need.

Invest in dental implants for a natural-looking smile. After having it, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease with brushing and flossing. Don’t let other dental offices mislead you with their prices when we can give you a price we know you’ll be happy with.

Come to a Total Freedom Dental Implants and let us help you choose the best plan for your needs. Get in touch with us so we can schedule a free consultation.


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