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Lost Tooth: Emergency Dental Implants

Have you just lost a tooth that is visible when you smile and that all important appointment or date is just around the corner?

Call T.F.D.I.C. during our business hours and we will see you, usually that day, and replace the missing tooth with an implant and replacement tooth if at all possible

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Losing a tooth

Have you been told that you need to lose a tooth or two and that you need a bone graft before implants can be placed and treatment will take 6 months or longer, and the price!

Instead, why not rely on Total Freedom Dental Implant Center.  Where, after decades of experience, we have developed graft-free solutions for many implant procedures from the simple to the most complex cases.  The benefit to you is less time and less cost.

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Implant Teeth in a Day

Have you been curious or even checked out this claim made by other implant centers only to be surprised that full treatment actually requires several appointments over several months, and costs as much as a new car? If you don’t like being misled you should get another opinion.

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center wants to provide that opinion.  After all, patients must realize that they are not shopping for implants but rather shopping for the best method to get the teeth they are missing. F.D.I.C is not just a highly experienced implant center but also a highly experienced dental center.  We don’t try to fit the patient to the treatment; we provide the treatment the patient needs.

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Choosing the Right Implants

There are many people who believe that you get what you pay for.  A $1.00 hamburger, can’t trust it. A $500.00 car, can’t drive it. A $5000.00 implant supported denture, can’t chew with it. Here at Total Freedom Dental Implants, we believe in fully discussing all of your options.  We consider ourselves lucky to be able to do so because of our experience, over 30 years with dental implants.  Inexperience limits knowledge and limits the options presented to the patient.

One point of interest in getting what you pay for is the distinction between a Two-implant or Mini implant “Over Denture” and a Fixed Implant “Hybrid Denture”.

Many dentists recommend the first option, the “Over Denture,” because it is less expensive and requires less effort to sell. Also the treatment required is far less sophisticated and therefore less demanding on the dentist.  This is very disappointing since the result is a denture that floats on the implants and does not give the stability that patients expect.  The two implant or mini implant “Over Denture” is better than a denture, but not by much.

Thankfully, there is another option. The “Hybrid Denture” is actually screwed into 4 to 6 implants, which makes it completely stable.  It cannot be removed by the patient and is the closest thing to natural teeth that you can find, which really is the whole point of using implants.

Sadly, many people are turned off by the price.  While “Over Dentures” treatment ranges between 5-10K, the “Hybrid Dentures” can be 3-4 times more expensive.  Typically, people will opt for the cheaper treatment and realize to late  that they are not happy.  When asked about why the price is so much more, our answer is simply, “Because it’s worth it.”   This is a permanent solution for your missing teeth and all that we ask is that you choose wisely.  We are dedicated to seeing people with teeth they are happy with; our office would like to offer the following: We will credit 50%, up to $5,000.00 of the fee you paid for an over denture toward a Total Freedom “Hybrid Denture”.

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Graft-less Implants 101

More likely than not, if you were to buy a car or TV, you wouldn’t go through with it unless you did your research. The same should be said for any medical procedure, but even to this day, people still only get one opinion. Wouldn’t you like to know all your options? With over 30 years of experience, the doctors at Total Freedom Dental Implants can do just that.

Knowing the difference between your options can make a huge difference.
For example, socket grafts, (which are grafts placed into the socket following tooth extraction to prepare for a future implant), are popular mainly because, like pharmaceuticals, they are pushed by the dental supply companies who are only looking out for their own bottom line.
What some dentists fail to mention is that this procedure can result in delayed healing, and can often be unpredictable and significantly increase the cost of over-all treatment.

However, at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, graft-less implants are often possible. In most cases, the implant is placed the day the tooth is extracted. This eliminates additional surgery, additional cost and additional time. Here, at Total Freedom Dental Implant Center, we often find that grafts are not needed even in the most advanced cases.

The doctors of Total Freedom Dental Implants can tell you that just because a procedure seems to be a popular trend, does not always mean that it is the best choice for you.

Contact us for a free consultation so you can get all your options.

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